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What If?
Ehud Barak on War and Peace

What If?




Feature Documentary

Israel 2021

85 min

Hebrew, English Subtitles,





What If? 

Ehud Barak on War and Peace 



Director:  Ran Tal  

Producers:  Ayelet Kait, Amir Harel, Ran Tal  

Editor:  Nili Feller 

Cinematographer:  Giora Bejach 

Research and artistic consulting:  Shira Perry 

Design and animation:  Dovev Alperson,

Design Ninjas 

Music:  Haim Frank Ilfman 

Sound Design and Nix:  Aviv Aldema 

Sound Recording: Tully Chen 

Line Producer:  Karin Etedgi 

What If? S



Can a leader succeed in influencing the world and shaping reality? Or is he, as any other human being, only a nutshell tossed to the waves of history; with no ability to affect it? 


Tolstoy pondered this question in “War and Peace”. Ehud Barak, controversial former prime minister of Israel and a decorated commander on the battlefield, contemplates it in the film “What if? Ehud Barak on War and Peace”.

20 years after he was forced to resign from the premiership, Due to the failure of the Camp David 2000 conference, 78 years old Barak observes his own history and the history of the State of Israel, with disillusioned clarity, while trying to figure it all out - "What if?"

What If? Trailer
What If? Festival Reviews



World Premiere | Jerusalem Film Festival - 2020

International Premiere | Moscow International Film Festival, April 2021 | Documentary Competition

Asian Premiere | Golden Apricot International Film Festival Armenia, October 2021 | Main Competition

North American Premiere | Other Israel Film Festival, New York, November 2021

Geneva Jewish Film Festival, October 2021

UK Jewish Film Festival, November 2021

Australia Jewish International Film Festival, April 2022

Cambridge film festival 2021

What If? Photos
Ran Tal - What If
Ran Tal - What If
Ran Tal - What If
Ran Tal - What If
Ran Tal - What If
Ran Tal - What If
Ran Tal - What If
Ran Tal - What If
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