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Director:  Ran Tal  

Producers:  Ayelet Kait, Amir Harel, Ran Tal  

Editor:  Nili Feller 

Cinematographer:  Daniel Kedem, Itay Marom, Uriel Sinai, Ziv Berkovitch, Zvi Lanzman, Giora Bejach 

Sound Designer:  Aviv Aldema 

Sound Recording:  Tully Chen 

Music:  Asher Goldschmidt 





Israel 2017

74 min

Hebrew, English Subtitles,





 The Musuem  


The Museum

Title Museum



Housing one of the world’s greatest collections of art and antiquities, the Israel Museum poses for its own complex portrait in this elegant observational documentary, revealing its central role in the complicated narrative of the nation.


Sitting high on the brow of a Jerusalem hill directly opposite the Knesset, the sprawling institution—now more than half a century old—contains nearly half a million objects, from the Dead Sea Scrolls to Crusader armor to masterpieces by Rembrandt and Marc Chagall. A less ambitious film would provide a hit parade of the museum’s contents. Instead, The Museum is wisely constructed as a set of loose encounters with its human inhabitants.

We eavesdrop on the curators, museum guards, archaeological conservators, visiting schoolchildren, and even the resident rabbi, who together form a kaleidoscopic picture of the way art, history and national destiny intersect in the galleries. Director Ran Tal (Children of the Sun), while showcasing the deep artistic and educational values that underlie the museum’s work, also gently exposes its ideological fault lines: we watch an Army docent use the museum’s archaeology to indoctrinate her trainees, while Arab and Jewish curators wrestle with the moral implications of displaying Palestinian artifacts. Through it all, the Israel Museum emerges as a shining example of a nation’s highest aspirations for itself. 

Museum S
Museum Trailer
Museum Awards



 David A. Stein Awards   - Toronto Jewish Film Festival



Jerusalem Film Festival - 2017

Jewish Council of North Central FL - 2018

St Louis JFF – 2018

JCC Manhattan - 2018

Museum d'art de Juif. Paris – 2018

FILAF. France - 2018

Berlin JFF – 2018

Munich Jewish Museum - 2018

Toronto JFF -2018

Washington JFF - 2018

Chicago Israeli Film Festival – 2018

Boston Museum of Fine Art. - 2018

San Francisco JFF – 2018

Winnipeg JFF – 2018

Santa Fe NM – 2018

Rochester JFF – 2018

Prague JFF - 2018

Message to Man. Russia - 2018

Hong Kong JFF - 2018

Houston Museum of Fine Arts – 2018

IAC Cinemateque NJ - 2018

Binghamton University – 2018

Palm Springs JFF – 2019

Miami JFF – 2019

Seret JFF. London – 2019

Bratislava Israeli Documentaries Film Festival – 2019

Australia JFF - 2019

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Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
Ran Tal - The Museum
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