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Director:  Ran Tal  

Script:  Ran Tal, Ron Goldman 

Producers:  Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait, Ran Tal  

Editor:  Ron Goldman 

Music:  Avi Belleli 

Sound Design:  Alex Claude 





Israel 2007

70 min

Made from archives - 8mm and 16mm


English Subtitles            




 Children of the Sun   

Children of the Sun

Title Children



Children of the first kibbutzim in Israel were born in the early 20th century to youthful parents, 

full of hope. They have been called “Children of the Sun”, because they considered them children of the “Sun of Nations” Revolution in Israel


They were born into a eutopia and were destined to become the “New Man”. They were educated in a ideological society that aspired to replace the traditional family with the collective one, to subjugate the will of the individual in favor of the common good and a life of equality.

“Children of the Sun” tells the story of the journey in search of a society’s memory and the concepts that have passed from the world. The film is a collage comprised of over eighty amateur films. Rare footage that was shot at the kibbutzim between 1930 and 1970, rare recordings and conversations with family and friends.

The tapestry of rare materials from which the film is compiled creates both a very personal and very public story, a form of super story about one of the most fascinating myths of the Zionist movement in the Land of Israel.

Synopsis Children
Trailer Children



 Audience Award  – Israfest Festival, NY, 2008

 Grand Prix  – The 6th Warsaw International jewish Film Festival, Poland, 2008

 Best Best Documentry Award  - The 6th Warshaw International Jewish Film Festival, Poland, 2008

 Best Sound  – The 6th Warsaw international Jewsh Film Festival, Poland, 2008

 Best Documentry  – The Israely Academy Awards, 2008

 FIAT Award for Best Use Archival Footage , 2008

 Best Documentry  – The Israeli Documentry Forum Awards, 2008

 Best Directing  – The Israeli Documentry Forum Awards, 2008

 Best Production  – The Israeli Documentry Forum Awards, 2008

 Best Editing  – The Israeli Documentry Forum Awards, 2008

 Best Original Score  – The Israeli Documentry Forum Awards, 2008

 Best Sound  – The Israeli Documentry Forum Awards, 2008

 Best Research  – The Israeli Documentry Forum Awards, 2008

 Walgin Award for Best Documentry Film  – The Jerusalem Film Festival, 2007

 Best Editing Award  - The Jerusalem Film Festival, 2007

 The Audio Visual Award  - The Jerusalem Film Festival, 2007



Culturescapes Showcase, Switzerland, 2011

Stockholm Israel film Festival, Sweden, 2011

Israel Cultural Center, Beverly Hills, LA, 2011

De Hague Israel week, The Netherlands, 2010

Copenhagen Israel film Week, Denmark, 2010

Transylvania Int'l Film Festival, 2010

Sao Paulo Israeli Film Festival, Brazil, 2009

Museum of Art Houston, USA, 2009

Winnipeg Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2009

Detroit Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2009

Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2009

Pitiglini Kolono's Film Festival, Italy, 2008

Temple Emeth, Brooklyn, USA, 2009

Hullel at Sun Francisco, USA, 2008

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival. Poland, 2008

Festival of Jewish Cinema, Australia, 2008

Nashville Jewish Film Festival, USA 2008

Kehilath Jeshurun Congreation, USA 2008

Chicago Festival of Israel Cinema, USA 2008

Berlin Jewish film festival, Germany, 2008

Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008

Maryland Jewish Museum, USA, 2008

Forum of Israeli Cinema, St Petersburg, 2008

Rochester Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008

Israfest Film Festival, LA, 2008

Input Int'l Conference, South Africa, 2008

Hong Kong Int'l Film Festival, 2008

Istanbul Int'l Film Festival, Turkey, 2008

Memorial Meseuom of Holocaust, Paris, 2008

The Israeli Showcase, UK, 2008

L.A Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008

Palm Beach Int'l Film Festival, USA 2008

Sun Francisco Golden Gates Int'l Film Festival, 2008

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2008

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2008

Sun Francisco Jewish Film Festival, 2008

The National Center for Jewish Film, Brandeis, 2008

Seattle Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008

Brandeis Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2008

Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival, USA, 2007

Toronto Int'l Film Festival, 2007

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Yoram Kaniuk -  Walla 


Ran Tal’s film, “Children of the Sun”, is not only a brilliant movie and executed so beautifully, but also a movie that deals with the history of the beauty of shattered dreams.  The Kibbutz was a great dream.  It wanted to change the world, man’s soul, his way of life.  It took children and raised them from cradle to the grave, much in the way you raise sons of gods without a god creating them.  The founders of the Kibbutzim wanted youth who were a combination of the Russian "Mojik" Strongman and Bedouins.  They sought after youth with golden hair and eyes of blue, the same as was desired in Germany.  And like the Germans, they desired youth of the outdoors, of the land, of dedication and good behavior, who denounce life’s pleasures – and youth, as is stated in the HaShomer oath – who has no impure sexual thoughts.  Youth who respect and live outside the bourgeoisie framework of the family.


In collecting an amazing collection of remote archival pieces, the movie shows how the Israeli youth in Kibbutzim were similar to the dream of German mothers.  And afterwards, the shattered dreams of those who sent their children to the Komsomol.  The movie presents a tangible model of this dream which inGermany created monsters, which in Russia gave birth to cruelty of a collective run by butchers, and which here produced a generation that could establish a country.  That could connect an absence of selfishness as a tough – and perhaps impossible – commandment together with a sanctified cause.  A sort of religion without a god who was left in the Diaspora.  This is how they established the State, its renewing culture, its literature that flourished in the Laborers Library and whose newspapers expressed the voice of the culture in the Landof Israel…

“Children of the Sun” is in my opinion a small masterpiece.  This is the first time I have seen this story from beginning to end, in either film or book form.  It is hard not to understand that it was a great dream.  As opposed to the Nazis and the Russians, this dream did not lead to disaster.  Nor to killing.  The only revolution in the history of mankind that was not followed by violent conflict which it caused, which did not sprout rivers of blood like the French and Russian revolutions.  The movie depicts a failure, but a failure of a great inner journey.  A failure which is an achievement of mankind, in order to state that if you want to fix man, it will be hard – perhaps impossible: But worthwhile.  And indeed, most of what is to be found in the Land of Israel since 1977 was created on those grassy lawns, in the marches with torches, in the shame and courage of the Children of the Sun, innocently and through brainwashing, and the fact that one can believe that something will not end in disaster, but rather in the saddened, yet daring sobriety, of this filmmaker.

Photos Children
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
Ran Tal - Children of the Sun
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